Bucket of Advice on Self Publishing

I’ve been writing since I was a child, but earlier this year when I decided to self publish, it opened a new world that I was rather unprepared for.

Self publishing has gained credibility when it began to make a select few money (a lot of money) and as well all know, money talks. Self publishing has fast become a trend. Suddenly, it isn’t just for people who have labored over a love of writing for decades, it’s for anyone who can type out sentences on a word document.

Self Publishing Maturing

For authors it is a wonderful opportunity with some downsides. For new authors like myself who are the cusp of their first published work, there is an immense amount of advice, tips, directives and warnings out there. It can be overwhelming.

Self Publishing Statistics

I’ve spent countless hours rummaging through everything I could get my hands on. For me the most valuable information comes from those that have lived it: successful self published authors. There are a lot of others out there who want to be helpful, but have no real experience to back up their advice.

How do we get through it all? Since we are in the midst of this trend, the information is never-ending so we’ll never get through it all. But you can be selective. Choose pages and blogs to follow that are giving specific publishing information and keeping up to date on the data. I recommend:

Hugh Howey
Rachel Abbott
Self Publishing Advisor
Author Interview Podcast
Chuck Wendig Blog
Elizabeth Spann Craig

I will share more links in the coming weeks specifically about tips on writing including: structure, characterization, opening lines, closing chapters. I have found so many great things out there and will share them.



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